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Brazilian Waxing info

Brazilian Waxing

For anyone who has questions about waxing I am including waxing information below. I have found that there are many women who are really curious about Brazilian waxing and have many questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions that are not answered in this section. I get asked a lot about what to expect during a wax and I can assure you that comfort-ability, sanitation, and using quality products are of my top concerns. People often ask if it’s painful and I wish there was one simple answer but the truth is it varies for each person. Majority of people find it mildly uncomfortable at times but definitely tolerable and not a lasting discomfort. Another question is about regrowth, most people who wax fall in love with it because the regrowth is soft, lighter and not itchy and irritating like shaving can be. If you are considering waxing please read the information below and if you are a candidate for waxing give me a call and we’ll book an appointment. Thank you!

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Information about Waxing

1. Hair must be grown out around ¼ inch for proper removal.

2. Taking your regular pain reliever, (Advil, aspirin, etc.) before waxing can help with pain and discomfort.

3. Avoid waxing if you are currently using Retin A or Glycolic acid, Accutane, Renova, Hydroquinone, Blood Thinners, or any other acne or skin medication, or medications that have skin effecting side effects.

4. Avoid waxing if you have recently had, laser hair removal, Microdermabrasion, or a chemical peel.

5. Avoid Waxing if you suffer from HPV, HSV1 or HSV2 as it could cause flare ups.

6. Avoid waxing if you have extremely sensitive skin, or have a heat sensitivity or disorder. Or if you have Raised moles, skin tags, or scabs in the area to be waxed.

7. Avoid the sun immediately after waxing and please wear sunscreen; recently waxed areas are prone to hyper pigmentation (permanent darkening of the skin) if exposed to the sun.

8. Do not use exfoliating products ( AHAs, scrubs, etc.) and loofas for at least 24 hour after waxing as they might further irritate the skin.

9. Do inform me of any significant changes in your skin, hair loss, or growth.

10. If a reaction does occur, Benadryl or Cortisone cream can calm inflammation. If extreme, or non applicable then please consult your Physician.

11. Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours after bikini or

brazilian waxing.

12. Avoid saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and other heated sources for at least 48 hours after a bikini or brazilian wax.

13. Avoid tight clothing after bikini or brazilian waxing. Tight clothing may result in irritation and ingrown hairs.

14. Regular exfoliation may be helpful to remove dead skin so your hairs can get out above the surface of the pores and not become ingrown.

15. Irritation may be due to frequent and close shaving or friction from tight clothing or belts. People with curly hair tend to have more ingrown hairs than do those with straight hair.

16. To prevent ingrown hairs, reduce friction and irritation in the affected areas. Many ingrown hairs will eventually grow out by themselves and don’t need treatment. See a dermatologist if you get ingrown hairs all the time or if the pain of an ingrown hair persists for more than a few days. When needed, treatment may include: Topical antiseptics, antibiotics, if an infection is present, or permanent hair removal, in stubborn cases, Consult your physician.

17. Routine waxing helps the skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation.

18. Unfortunately, no hot baths, hot shower or oral sex for 24 hours after a brazilian or bikini wax. While your pores are open, they are vulnerable to irritation by the extreme temperatures and infection by bacteria.

19. Most waxing lasts between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the individual, and the area.

20. Waxing CAN RESULT in, bleeding, bruising, skin removal, ingrown hairs, and/or irritations or infections. Consult your physician.

21. If you have any questions or concerns please consult your Physician.

Current Customer Rating

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 40 ratings